Selected raw materials
and Creole flavors: a trip
in the culinary Cuban traditions

Up to the discovery

of the Cuban


We want you to taste and experience the real Cuba so we will cook you the typical plates of the Cuban tradition, with a special attention to raw materials

A melting pot cuisine

Cuban cuisine is the perfect representation of all the different cultures that are part of the island. As per the definition of the ethnologist Fernando Ortiz, Cuban cuisine can be described as a “gran buren” – a big pot – where African, Spanish, Arab, Chinese and French influences perfectly coexist.
Cuban cuisine is characterized by strong flavors and by all the aromatic herbs that grow in the island (for example oregano, thyme and rosemary).

As a chef at La Casa Grande we hired Roberto Jesús Fleitas Garcia, who has a long experience in preparing traditional Cuban dishes as the sopa de maiz tierno, the tasajo camagüeyano, the camaron empanado and the albondigas de atún y queso.
Our chef has chosen to offer to our guests a more continental breakfast: the idea is to offer a more international taste, combining it with the local ingredients and recipes.

Check out our “Diary from Matanzas” if you wish to find out more about the typical dishes of the area.

Our specialties

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