Music & Dance

Past and present
in the Cuban tradition of music

It’s the natural background of Cuba, the essence of the people who live there: the music, a long and amazing sequence of notes that stand together to build up what is considered to be the life itself from most of the Cubans.

The music is part of the isle, as it’s the dance, phisical expression of that melodies that sound all along the streets of Cuba.

Matanzas has a special link with dance and music: it’s here where the dancon, the National Cuban dance, was born and it’s here the birthplace of the all the traditions deeply connected with the African world, such as saints and rumba.

Project Tradicion al Futuro

You owe a dance school and you want to experience a stage in Cuba with professional dancers as your teachers?

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Matanzas is crucial crossroads for music and dance, not only because of the birth of danzon, the National dance of the Isle, but also for the sonorities of the African roots that in this bay saw their birth and first development. City of slaves and colonization, in Matanzas the melting pot of the population reflects a fusion of sound and mouvements, creating ex novo a totally new genre, of offbeat rhythms and strong and daring mouvements

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It hasn’t always been easy for the caraibic people express their being and their feelings through music. Between the XVIII and the XIX Century, the big ballroom were reserved for american and european bourgeoisie, who was populating the Isle with strong commercial ambitions. Considered this disqualification, the cuban people created a new dance, the danzon, which was hiding a light joke of the stiff way of dancing of the middle class. But the danzon, is just the first of the folk dances that made Cuba the cradle of the Carribean dance

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